Thursday, 12 May 2011

Home Straight of the Marathon.....

But who put all those Hurdles in the way?

Well thats how it feels, but we all occupy the same boat, though Adele seems to be swimming at the mo.

Well working like the proverbial on the planting scheme lost count how may days, keep changing my mind, then visualise and think....... too many ,too few, too busy not exciting enough..then i run out of steam and have to go to bed, only to wake up stupid early and start working and go through the same thing again. So put it to one side for a mo and finished a couple.

Levels and Spot Heights

Had to do spot heights and levels on their own sheet as they are important and if they can't be read combined then there is no point. So many redraws, did the steps three times kept forgetting something. eventually worked out with 400mm treads (jamie will be pleased) and a decent mid point landing. Spent a while making sure gradients worked with 1;200, and they do with some juggling (thus the step drama's).Spent some time on the seating area's thinking about the interaction of people within the spaces.Changed my retaining walls along with stair details.

Also spent some time looking successful parks and the atmosphere that one is left with and whether the design is successful or not. Top of the list is the High Line in New York, ticks all the community boxes, visitor, seating, planting, people watching all within an atmosphere of relative serenity (well as much as one can expect in the middle of a busy city). A must visit next time.

Hard works Key plan

Made sure the rendering stands out and is clear in black and white. So many construction drawings off the back of this. Went into too much detail on the key i think, plenty of time for that on the details. Thanks Sue for the Gradient calculator, saved so much time and grief, got the decimal place in the wrong place a few times was that 30mm or 30m?

Silly stuff

Found this while reading a report on the high Line. let it read your blog and it picks out the most used words in size, surprised to see the word shit and bollocks missing, i am obviously losing my site manners with all this white collar education stuff or that could be a load bollocks!


Or 10 words.

Bed ZZZZzzzzzz

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Quick Brew....yuk

Quick Chai...MMMMmmmm

Just an update on the mood board. 
Line drawn 1;50 resolved a few issues and found a few.

Tried some other alternatives, but couldn't better the images for the mo. P/S more vibrance some tricks with spray and enlarged the lads. Feel something should be done with prairie pic but don't know what.

Still find president pics, do a bit then walk away, as time just disappears otherwise.

Broke iphone today....brilliant!!!!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Don't push me, cos i'm close to the edge

I'm trying not too lose my head.

As 'Flash' put it (the grand master of the furious five). The message still holds its own and was the first 'real' bit of hip hop to hit my young ears back in 81 and was an instant convert to all things New York.

Unfortunately i went over the edge today when i realised the document that needs proof reading and up dating is on the external hard drive that has crashed. 
Then as luck would have it, found the file on my Main Mac only for it to be corrupted and refuse to open even though it was showing 50+gb. Threw a hissy, broke my glasses (all £10 from Tesco). Fortunately a friend happened to call and calmed me down. 

So looked around blah blah, threw a prayer up to the Great Garden Designer in the sky and presto it opened, only 10 unlinked photo's that are easy to retrieve.... Calm restored.


Is slow, no matter how many targets i set it takes an age. So this is were i am at. Finished and annotated all the Sequences, Lighting spec done, Updated lighting plan and festival plan, spent an age on the model image plan, but that paled into insignificance compared to the 'Mood board' how difficult is it to find 5 images...bloody difficult thats how much! And then arranging them in an eye catching way, playing the 'less is more' trick, so difficult and time consuming.

Stumbled on a couple of things 'playing' with the sequence images, how to get some life into them, out of the box, simple as that, done one, not going to do the others. No time. I will probably do it on the 1;50 sequences. Using cut out people,but manipulating them so that they 'sink' into the image.

Turned this into a panorama and pulled Hari forward to give the image more width.Plus moved some of the trees higher to the right. Made the path wider as it was going to narrow to quick. Overall looks more balanced.

As Mr Chilli is a fellow republican i was going to send an image with some Royal joke, anyway these guests heavily p/s to sink into the image plus heavy shadow walking out of the frame, suddenly looked a lot better, lesson learnt , knew it from previous work but got so close to the trees that i could not see the wood.

Took some more model images, had a go at a quick render, inspired by Sue's pain bucket. Did this with a 'wet brush' and some quick filters to sink (Multiply) etc.

Does not look to bad, gets the point across. I am sure with practice one could do some thing half decent. Did not use on the model sheet, time.......

Did a bit of a 'Paula' on this one, as in lining everything up, and really thinking hard about composition. Yep it should be 5 images, but it just would not work. So head on the block, 1 and 3 images are uneven numbers and thus clusters.

I am probably 3mm out somewhere Paula!

Spent an awful long time trying to find the 'right' kind of lights. Some don't exist yet. It seems to me that most of the lights are made in China and 'Badged' (when several retailers put a name to a product that has been made centrally by one anonymous manufacturer).
So managed to find some recent prize winners from the USA for innovation etc. So the latest Phillips High out put LED's (17.5w for small and 30w for flood). Still think there is a lot of room for some bespoke designed lights. The rope LED's are still in their infancy so expect in the near future a lot more LED rope, lamps (bulbs are what you plant in the ground) and lights to come out.

Mood board is a good name as i was in such a foul one while doing this! Cut out some of the images so they merged into the one below. Have not changed the colours or any other p/s stuff. Thank god for 'Flicker' and screen shot on the mac. 5 images with some hierarchy hopefully got something across. Tended to look for pictures until one would' hit me'. This takes some time unfortunately.

Just got Precedents to do later today, (done just need updating to get some more zing and relevance) then 1;50.

Thats it folks.