Sunday, 17 October 2010

Fat Controller

Images taken from my own photo's plus some web images. A bit of wine seems to make things flow a bit easier.

Images cut out and pasted in PS, very quick. Quite a bit of time on the Transform tool. Warp, Perspective and Skew. Some blur on the edges and reduction on opacity on steam.

 Flattened, Cutout, and poster and general playing. Played around with the roof and made it worse. If it ain't broke and all that.

More playtime. Added line and mucked about with shadows and brightness. The idea to get the image to join together. Ok a bit abstract but the brain fills in the gaps or is that just me???

Took away the edges to reveal the construction, more movement in it. Red to draw the eye, etc

Conclusion, a bit of fun but need to watch the clock a bit. 3 hours for that lot.


  1. i like your work felix! did you use gaussian blur tool??

  2. Being a naturally disorganised person, i am not sure, but went through the whole pallet. the final one is a bit to blurry, but have to move on.