Sunday, 17 October 2010


Hi all,
If anyone can simply explain i would be grateful. Can't seem to get my head round it. Get it for 5 mins then it goes. Just need a simple technique, obviously.



  1. I read about masking, didnt get it so I overlayed elements and rubbed out the bits i didnt want I can scan and send you pages from my book if you want

  2. Hi Grant
    Love your black and white stuff in the last two posts. I'm a huge fan of b/w... so under used today.

    Well 'Layer masks'... I don't think it's possible to do layer masks and adjustment layers justice in this blog. They are so useful. There is a book called 'Layers' by Matt Kloskowski. Amazon price about £17 ... it's the best and simplest approach to adjustment layers and masks for photoshop I've ever read. You might get it from the library or if you need to you could borrow mine if your up this way anytime.

    Is Calverly Park you masterplan site? If it is... you lucky, lucky bunny! I was hoping for that site last year. It has fantastic contours. You have probably seen Lindis Danson's work for Calverly any way.

    All the best