Saturday, 29 January 2011

If you hit a medium he won't be happy

And so it continues.....

Rock solution, first find a rock, this is a good one from High Rocks. Then cut various shapes from it. Looking at the Contour lines. Some small, others large, mix em up.

Then duplicate loads of the images, and start building, making note of keeping contour lines parell to what ever angle you started at, also look at shadows and add if necessary.

All my rocks came from this one pic

Done some more little perspective sketches for the Doc. Slowly getting better, but never satisfied, and yet i see 30 sec doodles by my class mates and love the looseness. Anyway, still a bit lolly pop and not entirely accurate but each one took app 15mins

The hill up Mount pleasant, with my new bridge inc tree's!

The walk across said bridge, seating, planting and a glass lift.

Lunch time snack cafe in top park serving only the freshest food
(apart from road kill)

The Restaurant with movable seating outside, and viewing tower to look at the distant views of the Ashdown Forest.


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  1. I think I climbed up that rock when I was at school!

    The trip was quite traumatic if I recall - as I suddenly realised I had a fear of heights. My geography teacher had to climb up to get me and I stood on his head as leverage. He wasn't very happy and swore at me when we got to the top. I was a bit shocked.
    Gosh Grant your masterplan has dredged up my 1980s geography teacher - arghhhhhhh....

    Like your sketches by the way. Have you tried rendering them in photoshop and adding real people?