Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tree's blobs and lollypop's

Well like just about everybody spent a lot of time trying to create tree impressions for the plan as well as the perspectives.


As usual stumbled on this idea and developed it I think the result is quite effective and can be played around with further
1) Pro marker on Trace, shade to create depth, (the ink stays wet so mixing is possible). Let it dry. The ink one side with .3-.5 pen.

Then put in photoshop, Filter gallery>watercolour>ok and then again but this time poster edges. Adjust to suit. Cut out, play with colours etc  


Cut out and duplicate loads of times for tree's.When done, each tree will be on a single layer. Select all, duplicate. Then all the duplicates merge into one file. Turn to black via images>Hue andBalance>lightness bar to the left, so black.

And now the ta da bit, that layer put underneath all the tree layers, then  shift to one side and by magic you have perfect shadows in the shape of the trees all moving at the same angle.


Well spent ages with pencils, pro markers and to be honest still have not got it, but a start, pro markers on trace
Generally work needs to be done on perspectives.

Watercolour pencil + sharpie
Watercolour Pencil +.3 pen
Watercolour pencil+Bad Temper


  1. thanks for the tips, I like the bad-tempered tree - what is its Latin name?

    I had a dream last night about paint effects for trees - using paint splattered on paper with a toothbrush...I'll try it out tomorrow and post my daubing....

  2. Look forward to it TW lady.

    'Lollypopium =species
    Bollarkus= Genius

    Didn't have the bottle to use them, never sure

  3. i love the bad tempered tree too!plus the water colour pencil and sharpie-

    -chins up hun, youv got a great style, so dont be scared to use it!! you will be much happier with your work if you do!