Sunday, 24 April 2011

Time is a hook, and were on the line

According to 'A Tribe Called Quest'

Well all started well, nice cup of tea, found some greet mixes by J.Rocc and Madlib, mixing Jazz,Funk, and old school Hip hop, in it!!!

So first drawing went ok on the annotation front, but first sequence ahhhhh,

Just could not get the plants right, get them wrong and lose the whole atmosphere eventually after playing with pencils, spent a bit more time looking at images that represent what i want to achieve, then used 'brushes' in more options, ways, tweaks than John Prescott's excuses for losing a by-election.

So only one image after 10 hours work, but i think i know were i am going on the rest (famous last words)

Tried to be accurate, but enthusiastic (ie not to dry). Still not 100% happy with last one, but have to move on.

The killer. I think i may put some real people in, but i will worry about that later. Hopefully got a feel from this, tree's need some improvement. Yada, Yada.

Really need to get the rest of the Sequences done tomorrow.


  1. Well you should be happy with them, stop beating yourself up about it. The sketch has real depth and you can see movement in the grass. Is that Photoshop grass per chance?

  2. Just been scanning through your blog and see Madlib, yes Grant! He's one of my favourite producers.
    Duno if you've heard of him but you might be interested in a guy called Oddisee.

    also 14KT has some really nice beats
    check out his album 'the golden hour'

  3. Watched the VID, 'pure soul' in my opinion, reminds me of Bill Withers ( live at Carnegie Hall best live album i own) if Bill did hip hop album i am sure he would have that sound.
    I will check out other stuff when time permits (as once one starts, a day disappears).


    If you have time download theses two albums. Spent most of the final weeks playing them over and over again, genius (also have most of the originals so hearing how he mixed them and bought them to life again only adds to the arguments for mixing).

    I will save other comments for another time as i have construction drawings to do (not yet started) and you have a Crit on monday…Good Luck!

    Coming out on Friday??(ask Nat)

  4. Rock Creek Park...great track can see the inspiration.